The go-to Software Platform for organizations that need to centralize and digitize their business processes, information and documents.

Process, share, create and store digital documents faster, easier, and with more security than ever before with our software – either from home office or on the go.

ShakeSpeare® Software Suite is a document management software with an integrated graphical workflow automation interface.

The BPM interface is used for business process automation and robotic process automation without the requirement for coding skills. Specialized for mid-sized to large organizations for various use-cases in legal, compliance, finance, healthcare, quality & risk management, government bodies, banking and insurance.

Loved by companies of various fields

Legal-law firms

Healthcare & Pharma

Manufacturing & Processing

Services Industry

IT companies

Banks and Financial services

Insurance and brokerage

Compliance & Auditing

Government and public administration


ShakeSpeare® software solutions are helping the management of daily operations of various departments and businesses

Workflow management has never been so easy. 

Digitalise your Business

Zejn Group is your Software Partner worldwide for the digitization of your organization. We have several decades of experience, especially in the fields of compliance, legal, healthcare and finance as well as controlling, auditing, and QM/RM business processes. Zejn Group process experts will assist you on every step of the way towards the goal of digitalizing your business processes with the result of freeing-up working time spent by your valuable employees in your organization.

for organizations with more than 5 employees


Over 10 million confidential documents and work-processes are worked on/ processed on ShakeSpeare® daily throughout the world​


Process Automation options​


ShakeSpeare® Software users at our largest client​


Over 700.000 hours of work saved to ShakeSpeare® our users since 2014 (conservative est.)​

Join an introductory 20 minute webinar

If you would like to learn more but have not yet decided on which solution you need, you can apply for one of our regular webinars on out technology which are carried out once per quarter. Please provide your e-mail address, organization name and the field of interest and we will inform you of the schedules for the webinars.

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 Workflow management has never been so easy. Contact us!

 Workflow management has never been so easy.

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