Legal Technology for mass litigation and legal workflow automation


ShakeSpeare® legal is a cloud platform that enables legal tech start-ups and companies to manage their entire business operations, from lead generation to legal case management and billing.

Mass litigation

Legal Workflow and Process Automation

Mass litigation such as “VW diesel”, “administrative offences” or “air passenger rights” can be mapped and automated as legal workflows in the software.

Standard procedures for processing mass litigations exist and can be adapted to customer requirements.

Used as a platform, you define the processes in which your internal and external employees work and retain full control.
**(See C2C process, Web division for more information)

Cloud Plattform

Legal Outsourcing / Collaboration

Map your entire workflow in one platform.

Various internal and external parties work together via the Legal Tech Tool.

Sales staff, call centres, internal/external lawyers, accounting etc. can work on the same case one after the other without media discontinuity and independent of location.

Easy exchange of data, documents and information between the different parties

ShakeSpeare® Legal Tech Software


For Legal Tech companies, it is important that cases can be processed by several parties in a highly automated way, that the development time is short and the development costs are low. ShakeSpeare® legal is the go-to solution for Legal Tech companies in the area of platforms and mass litigations, because it has all the necessary components already developed. With the Workflow Configurator, processes can be digitalized and automated to fit your needs. In development, agile methods can therefore be used optimally and many iterations can be carried out in a short time. Market changes can be reacted to quickly, because a short time-to-market is important.

Further functions:


Flexibly adaptable, automated workflows

Legal Outsourcing

Suitable as legal outsourcing / legal CRM


“Automatic text readout / OCR”

Legal Coworking

Cooperation with clients, contractors and third parties


“Interfaces to already existing CRM, DMS, accounting or legal software”


“BeA Integration (from H2 2020)”

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Sample projects Legal Tech

Traffic law: Automated accident claim settlement

HalloUnfall helps accident victims to claim damage compensation from the opposing liability insurance. The entire case processing is automated via ShakeSpeare®.

Copyright: case management platform for copyright infringements is a platform for people who have received warning letters of copyright infringements. Automatic case processing and case distribution between platform operators, lawyers and mediators is done via ShakeSpeare®, billing is automated.

Administrative offences: highly automated defending process

BRS AG advises many clients who have committed administrative offences and are taking legal defending actions. Because of the large number of cases, a high degree of automation with ShakeSpeare® saves a lot of time.

Software for the creation of digital legal products and the internal automation of mass litigations.

ShakeSpeare® Legal Software + Web / Marketing Services


Would you like to take full advantage of digitisation and digitise, automate and, above all, link all your processes from client acquisition to accounting, processing and communication? We offer process digitization, web development and marketing that are connected and perfectly coordinated with each other. More detailed information here: Web Development and Services


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