S-mailroom is our approach to managing incoming post for organizations 

With the ShakeSpeare Mail processor your organization will gain an overview over incoming post from all sources. You will streamline incoming documents, briefs, documents from various sources through the S-mailroom platform and distribute them within your organization with a mouse-click. .

Central incoming post overview

Central incoming post overview

  • You gain a central overview of incoming post, letting go of excel tables and other methods of managing incoming post in your organization
  • For each incoming mail (digital of physical) from various collection sources (branch offices, various mailboxes, locations and geographies) you are able to track when it was received, what was received, see appended documents (if a user is allocated rights), to whom it was distributed, what has happened to it and which actions were taken.
Several (automated sources) and relevance setting with escalation

Several (automated sources) and relevance setting with escalation

Important information is received daily via various sources, you can connect them to ShakeSpeare Mailroom and have them all available for processing avoiding long distribution times and lost documents:


  • Connect various mailboxes to S-mailroom so that each incoming e-mail is managed in accordance with company processes and rules
  • Scan incoming mail – letters and documents to the S-mailroom and distribute to appropriate people within the organization with a mouse click avoiding loss of documentation and information and speeding up the process
  • Hot-folder drop – create a hot folder structure, where incoming documents may be stored for S-mailroom to process them automatically and distribute within your organization
  • Relevance and processing priority may be assigned to various incoming post prioritizing what needs to be worked on as soon as possible and what is less relevant

Digital archive – secure with a revision trail

  • No document can be entirely deleted from the database by a regular user
  • Everything is stored and archived digitally allowing the documents to be found at any point in time
  • Revision trail permits tracking the history of access and distribution as well as following actions and outcomes for each post

Managing incoming post and information is critical to many businesses


The hidden cost of post processing is often unknown to organizations as it is difficult to define the internal cost of processing incoming mail. With S-mailroom you start collecting information within your organization enabling you to define the bottlenecks and reduce spending time on post processing by various employees and most importantly speeding up distribution of post to the intended recipients. 


Access to post is granted also to your employees on the go, so they may access the documents from any location (if you wish so) in the world with an internet connection with a secure way and optimize their working time during travel or other engagements where they have free time.


By using the ShakeSpeare Technology with S-mailroom your organization gets the following benefits:

A document management solution (DMS)

S-mailroom is based on the ShakeSpeare Software technology and uses the DMS module as an integral part. All documents and related information are stored in a secure way, backuped and archived. A connection to another DMS solution is always possible with ShakeSpeare and you may use your existing DMS system if you wish or just keep ShakeSpeare DMS as a central part of managing documentation in a secure and reliable way with ShakeSpeare.

Customized workflow for post management

Different businesses and organizations have different procedures for handling post. There is no one-fit all solution for post management. Government bodies, healthcare, pharma, legal, finance and several other business types have strict restrictions on how to process incoming post and documents, quite often also related to deadlines. The entire post management process is adapted to your organization and S-mailroom makes sure that process is followed every time, escalation function allows for ensuring no deadline will ever be missed again in your organization.

Overview and management

There can be various processes for various legal entities or branch offices your organization might have. Keeping a central overview to ensure compliance is quite often critical to many of our clients. S-mailroom allows for a centralized overview of the incoming post processes and the roles & rights functions set to allow access to different post to different people or positions. Data is tracked and can be used for reporting, business intelligence, process optimization as well as weak-spot analysis to make the organization more efficient and ensure compliance.

Connection to other company processes

Is the incoming post a contract, invoice, purchase order? You can upgrade the S-mailroom solution to a full ShakeSpeare Software platform which allows you to connect incoming mail to existing company processes such as sales, operations, HR, contract-management or invoice validation and processing. Everything in one platform and interconnected you can gain great advantages in internal operations as well as an understanding of the processes with measurable numbers. Improve your organization and add new processes linked to incoming post to ensure optimal operation.


Do you already use various software solutions to manage various processes? With S-mailroom or ShakeSpeare software you can connect all with the BPM engine and integrations thus having a central platform connecting various software solutions and possibly gaining a chance to reduce costs by replacing several with one. We can connect to CRM, ERP, DMS or other, even in-house solutions. Single sign on for secure work and user identification, outsourcing or evaluation has never been so simple as with ShakeSpeare as central process management platform. Automate mundane repetitive tasks by having ShakeSpeare execute steps normally users would need to do, thus allowing them to focus on their job and value generation instead.

S-mailroom Cloud Pricing

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If you are interested in the full ShakeSpeare Software Suite for document management and document generation as well as digitalization and automation of other organization processes (such as HR, Compliance, Finance, Controlling, Purchasing, Order management and others), please view our general ShakeSpeare Software Suite here.

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