S-contract is the software for company-wide contract management. 

With Shakespeare you can gain full control over your contracts. From contract entry, creation and deadline monitoring to audit-proof archiving. Individual requirements tailored to your company can be easily implemented.

Zentrales Vertragsmanagement

Centralized contract management

  • All contracts in one system for all divisions / locations / departments / companies of a group
  • Simple recording, administration and archiving of contracts
  • Read / write authorization by contract types and/or departments and individual authorization
Fristenmanagement / Erinnerungsmanagement

Deadline management / reminder management

  • Automatic reminder before notice period / contract expiry by:
    • Resubmission on To-Do List
    • E-mail reminder
    • E-mail escalation levels
    • Colour coding


  • Contract types can be selected and created / added by the user
  • Contract details and master data can be defined and extended as required
  • Based on our standard solution we build your custom-fit solution

Contracts contain important company data


Contract management is a company-wide topic that is handled differently in different departments or companies of a corporate group. Each unit usually has its very own responsibilities, rules and mechanisms to manage contracts.


Information and documents are often stored decentrally in different systems and archives.


With centralized contract management, you will not only ensure a coherent operation, but the company will also automatically save time and increase confidence.


The full overview of all important data and documents is a just as valuable benefit as the reminder of all deadlines ensured by the software.

Audit-proof DMS - Document Management Software

S-Contracts is a solution based on the ShakeSpeare® software.ShakeSpeare® is an audit-proof document management system that meets all known standards. It stores and archives documents on your server or in the cloud in an encrypted and audit-proof manner. Stored documents can be searched for their content by activating the “OCR full text search”. You can search for individual words and content in the contracts and “google” through the content of your contracts.

Individually adapted to your requirements

Every company is different. S-Contracts is a standard solution for contract management that has grown over the years and has been developed to meet the requirements of a wide range of business areas and industries. S-Contracts can be used “out-of-the-box” and, starting from the standard solution, can be easily and flexibly adapted to your specific requirements, company structure and working methods. For the most part, you can even adapt it yourself. For example, a logical linking of contract data is possible. For instance: If contract type = “Leasing” -> Save ” License plate number” and “Vehicle type”.

Overview and evaluation

With S-Contracts you can store and manage an unlimited number of contracts (100,000 contracts is no problem). For the management board and/or legal department, you can get a complete overview of all contracts of all units. In the total overview, the contract data can be easily exported and sorted, arranged and prepared for analyses and reports. General reports are possible as well as specific reports with specific data for each contract type or company unit.

Compliance - holistically

With the central and holistic setting of roles, rights, responsibilities, regulations and reminders, you ensure compliance in your system. All contracts, contract types, deadlines and reminders follow the same regulations. This way you can ensure compliance in your company. For example, you want all rental contracts to be checked at the end of each year or that leasing contracts always have to be checked 4 weeks before the notice period? With S-Contracts this is possible.

Extension and linking

Would you like to use ShakeSpeare® beyond simple contract management and to increase automation? For example, you can add digital approval processes for unsigned contracts to contract management and integrate digital signatures. Prior to that, you can use a contract generator to create recurring contracts, such as rental agreements or employment contracts, and thus create a completely digital workflow. You can also link contracts with each other or with other documents such as purchase orders, invoices or other contracts.

Integration and interfaces

Do you already have a document management system in use? Do you already have a user administration, e.g. in Microsoft Active Directory? You have already stored all your contractual partners in your ERP system? ShakeSpeare® and S-Contracts are very interface-friendly, so that interfaces to all other programs are conceivable. For example, standard integrations to MS Dynamics NAV, MS Actice Directory, SAP, Datev Unternehmen Online, iManage or beA.

Possible adjustments / automation steps


Contract creation


– Partially or fully automated contract creation with one click

– Creation of a template management

– Creation of frequently used contracts (such as NDAs or supplier contracts)

Direct connection to Office 365

Microsoft Office 365


– Direct connection to Office 365

– Create, edit & finalize documents directly in the system in an audit-proof manner

Anbindung an DocuSign

Connection to DocuSign


– Sign contracts directly via DocuSign

– Audit-proof storage in the system

– Partially or fully automate signatures and signing process

Verträge direkt über DocuSign signieren

S-Contract Cloud Price

*prices without VAT

If you have more than 50 users, we will be happy to make you an individual offer, workflow changes will be charged at 105 € / hour (VAT not included) according to time and effort.

Request a proposal

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For a business management platform with contract management, inbox, ticketing, HR (onboarding, offboarding, vacation request, notification of sick leave, recruitment process), compliance (ISO 9001:2015, etc.) and other workflows and a comprehensive document management software (DMS) solution, please have a look at the ShakeSpeare® platform here


S-contract ist die Software für das unternehmensweite Vertragsmanagement.
S-contract ist die Software für das unternehmensweite Vertragsmanagement.
S-contract ist die Software für das unternehmensweite Vertragsmanagement.


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General Info Contract Management Software

After invoice approval, digital contract management is the most commonly used part of document management software like ShakeSpeare. No wonder, invoices and contracts are the most common documents that every business owns. At the same time, they contain the critical data that can be used to map the entire enterprise. Predictions, risk analysis and decision-making can be based solely on the knowledge and content contained in the two types of documents, invoices and contracts.


Therefore, it is not surprising that contract management is often used as one of the main modules in a DMS and in ShakeSpeare® S-Contract software it is booked as one of the extensions to invoice approval.


Compared to storing contracts on a normal drive, contract management systems (contract management tools) offer many advantages. Here, the software does not necessarily have to be installed in the cloud, but can also be installed on the company’s own servers. Training, consulting and support are available without restriction for both variants. The following section discusses the advantages in more detail



Advantages of centralized contract management

The advantages of a contract management solution are mostly obvious and are included in the name, the emphasis is on central. Because all contracts are stored centrally in a contract management platform and no longer locally with the individual user, they cannot be lost, the revision security as a basic function of a DMS takes care of this. How often has it happened to companies or departments that documents and data have been lost because of faulty or damaged hard drives or devices? This does not happen if you use a central audit-proof contract management system.


But much more important than the secure storage of contracts is the fact that authorized persons like the legal department, the administrative management or the executive board can centrally view all contract documents in the contract management software and thus get an overview. This is much more convenient than having to collect all the relevant documents in paper form from the relevant managers or departments.


Contract management solution can not only store the pure documents as such, but also supplement and enrich them with data. For example, you can (or rather should) enrich your contracts with information on costs, contractual partners and deadlines in order to use these in evaluations, reports and analyses and thus as a basis for decision-making.


The information on deadlines ensures that users are reminded of the expiry of contracts, while the information on costs provides help when it comes to understanding the contracts and assessing the risk they contain. Those who have and maintain a solid database will be able to easily identify the risks and weak points and, for example, identify the 5 least lucrative contracts at the push of a button.


During a due diligence, an audit, a company valuation, an audit or a risk analysis, a contract management cloud can therefore be very helpful and save the people involved a lot of time and nerves.


Central contract creation software

In the previous paagraph, more attention was paid to the benefits of contract management software in terms of filing contracts. However, contract management software can also help companies with contract creation. For example, frequently created contract documents can be stored in a simple and standardized way via a contract configurator, so that contract creators can save time during the creation process. This is worthwhile for documents and contracts that have to be created particularly frequently in a company, such as NDAs, employment contracts, data protection declarations, etc. In short, anywhere where a large number of similar contracts have to be created. In short, wherever a large number of similar contracts are created manually, contract management software can help save time and increase efficiency.


The use of a software for contract creation are different and differ primarily by the user. For example, the software can be configured as “self-service”, where the user can directly click together his document. Here, in addition to the creation logic, legal knowledge is also stored in the contract management solution. In this case, the knowledge carrier (e.g. legal department) is completely decoupled from the creation process and passes on its knowledge through the software algorithm, saving it a lot of time.


Another option is to make the software available to the knowledge carrier, who in turn uses the software to create the documents (e.g., legal department) and saves on processing time.


Which path is taken depends, among other things, on the business model. But it also depends on the extent to which the knowledge can be incorporated into the software. The simpler the use case (e.g. NDA), the easier the implementation.

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