OCR Software

for scanned documents

with the sophisticated OCR technology,

companies take the first step towards digitalization

and transform unsearchable archives

into an intelligent e-archive

Whenever an organization needs to search large volumes of physical documents, digital text recognition brings an enormous advantage. ShakeOCR is a sensible investment to save employees time, organize data and provide information when it is needed.

Quick search in digital documents

With a scanner and the processing of the data by our professional OCR solution, the physical documents are digitized and can easily be found via the ShakeSpeare® Smart Search.

Digital document archive

With a searchable digital archive, the documents are stored securely and are retrievable at any time. The documents are provided in compressed PDF format that saves storage space and can be further processed digitally or physically.

Availability of information in digital form for automatic or manual processing

With the OCR solution, specific information such as addresses, deadlines, tables, etc. can be read out by the software and other data tables or software can be transferred. Various applications and data tables can thus be completed without any human intervention and without errors.

Software for the automatic readout and data extraction from documents

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