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The market is full of ticketing solutions some good and some bad. We have several clients that have decided to use ShakeSpeare for managing internal ticketing processes due to the flexibility of the BPM Workflow engine and the specifics of their use-case meaning they could not find a fit solution for their own needs.


With ShakeSpeare we have especially digitalized the following ticketing processes that enable the main functionalities of opening a ticket, adding information to the ticket, distributing the ticket to the correct person, escalating the ticket and of course tracking the ticket flow in the software to enable an overview of the ticketing processes in an organization.


The entire Zejn Group uses our own software for ticketing for task distribution and support.

Where our clients benefit most with ticketing are the following areas:


Legal Ticketing


Legal departments manage their tickets with ShakeSpeare due to the fact that it is a secure system enabling relevant document sharing in a secure way as well as outsouring to external legal advisors or law firms for assigning tickets to various banking and finance related processes. The legal ticketing solution is also in place in some government organizations as well as other private companies where the legal department needs to provide operational divisions with legal consultancy and reviews as part of the core organizational processes.


Maintenance ticketing


We support clients in healthcare that manage internal ticketing for maintenance and support in IT and Maintenance service to ensure that organization actively receives support from the maintenance and IT departments to ensure best quality of service and work efficiency. Ticketing system also allows for preventive measures to be implemented in the organization ahead of time.


Quality & compliance claim tickets


Many quality standards require claim management in a structured way. Customer claims and their tickets are often managed in ShakeSpeare by the internal QM/CM organization in order to facilitate the corrective measures and management in the organization. The advantage of ShakeSpeare to adapt to the exact processes in such organizations – either related to basic ISO9001 claim management or specific standards in food, technology, finance, insurance or banking are a big help for managing compliance, reporting, identifying risks and making sure issues are dealt with on a regular basis also facilitating the internal and external auditing processes.

If you are looking for a ticketing system fit to your organization get in touch with our consultants to review your needs and see if ShakeSpeare is a perfect fit for your organization.  

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