Machine Learning


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML, AI/KI)


Machine Learning is becoming ever more important in Robotic Process Automation, Data Processing and BPM fields as well, enabling high grades of process and decision automation using big data and correlations.

We have in-house experts for Machine Learning for Data Capture technology (data extraction from OCR processed documents) and have cooperation agreements with companies specializing in Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms that are able to provide additional value to clients with large quantities of data.


ShakeSpeare® technology is a great platform to start structuring process data on a company scale laying the foundation for use of big data analysis and processing for company processes as well. Once enough data has been added (stakeholder decisions based on input parameters) the database may be used to facilitate or automate decision making with the use of machine learning algorithms in combination with ShakeSpeare® to require human decisions or attention only in non-typical cases.


If you have the need to start gathering data, ShakeSpeare® can support by gathering input parameters to a database and involve our expert partner network to extract value to your organization by analyzing the available databases and information and facilitate full automation within your company processes.


We are more than willing to hear your idea and provide suggestions and a feasibility study for your specific use case. Machine learning is present in several industries from financial to manufacturing through medical and insurance and often well worth the investment to make processes more lean and efficient and less dependent on employee headcounts and availability of experts on the employment market.

Collect and evaluate data along the company processes

 Workflow management has never been so easy. Contact us!

 Workflow management has never been so easy.

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