Document and process management software for banks and insurances


Insurance and banking software solutions have specific requirements for which ShakeSpeare delivers

History of ShakeSpeare® Banking and Insurance


ShakeSpeare® Software was initially developed as a document management solution for law firms and legal departments at the beginning of the millennium. Throughout the time and with new technology used in refactoring the solution new functionalities were developed especially for the highly regulated fields of banking, finance & insurance following the strict international and EU requirements regarding cyber security, document tracking, activity tracking and outsourcing.


The largest projects where ShakeSpeare® solutions are in Healthcare & Pharma and Banking, Insurance and Finance. These industries are extremely regulated, have a high security standard requirement as well as a requirement for a deeper understanding of the underlying parameters impacting the selection of a software solution to assist or enable the efficient operations of such an organization.


Initial implementation in the Finance & Banking industry started with the financial crisis of 2008, which caused major disruptions in banking and financing operations as well as introduced the need to a historically traditional industry to start managing costs, optimize operations and implement stricter control and management measures.


The requirements for several legal outsourcing activities, sales of debt collaterals, process automation, automatic data capture and OCR have all become relevant for banks. The banks were struggling to meet the shareholders and state demands on optimizing operations, improving the profitability and pay back state loans to the banking industry world-wide. The requirements for more than just credit file sharing and risk estimations have brought the development of ShakeSpeare to a new level of meeting client requirements in these industries.


After over a decade of serving the banking, financial, healthcare and insurance industry the ShakeSpeare software supports many process management, file and document management use-cases in these industries.

Main use-cases are from the following fields:


  • Distressed asset management
  • Legal department management and legal ticketing systems
  • Credit originating processes with risk assessments.
  • Risk management and evaluation processes
  • Legal outsourcing and litigation
  • Integration with various data sources and risk scoring evaluations.
  • Integration with secure communication channels and postboxes for legally binding information exchange for litigation and contracting purposes.
  • Overview of risk and processes within divisions
  • Process data mining and evaluation of information for bottlenecks evaluation
  • Financing and exposure evaluations and integration with relevant data-sources and core-banking solutions
  • All-round organization management for front-office and back-office process management and compliance.
  • Compliance reporting systems.
  • 3rd party integration and secure document transfers for litigation and evaluation purposes

Security is Key in Banking and Insurance


Due to our background in the industry ShakeSpeare Technology complies with strict revision and auditing standards, we subject our technology to regular penetration and cyber-security testing and audits and enables us to deliver technology to the public sector and governments.


Since the requirements on various markets constantly change and become stricter, we monitor the standards for certain industries. This means we base the ShakeSpeare Technology development and software architecture, integration development policy and modern approaches to product reliability, stability, quality, and security.


As often the Information Landscape in the finance and insurance industry can be really specific ShakeSpeare often fills a gap between various (legacy) systems in order to deliver value on cross-divisional level. If you are a representative of an organization and are interested in a use-case where processing, document generation and management, automation, robotization, OCR including machine-learning backed information enrichment and organization management are part of the use-case, contact us, we have probably already delivered a solution on a similar use-case.

Our experts know what you need in terms of security


Our implementation teams feel at home in the complex IT/IS landscape and will be able to provide consulting and best practices on various cases. Our specialization lies mostly within financing operations, risk assessment, legal and litigation management, asset management. Document origination, archiving and management are part of the core Document management module.

ShakeSpeare Process management, process automation, document creation and management in the banking industry

Banking in modern times – digital nomads and digital citizens transform the needs of modern banking environment.

As micro and nano influencers are pushing for digital-only experience, banks are often pressed by competition of virtual-only banks, which operate seemingly fast and with offers in a innovative ways, often doing so instantly.

In a highly digitalized modern bank with central document management solution, widely spread business process management and process governance in place, innovation thrives. Instead of long hours spent by retyping information or making your quince or sub-optimal home-bred applications work, your colleagues focus on the important thing – the retail or commercial business of a bank.

The complete digital environment is a perfect brewing point for any Bank to empower their process stakeholders to brainstorm and innovate with different methodologies and strategies of continuous business innovation.

Quite often an initial step in banking for implementation of ShakeSpeare comes through the compliance, credit assessment or legal department. As the processes are well defined and documented the initial stage is to set-up a prototype platform which is usually done by an on-site (or remote) workshop with the stakeholders and in a few days build a prototype of the ShakeSpeare solution that is fit to the specific use case.  One of the major goals is to achieve a higher grade of compliance and process management either related to KYC, Money-laundering or other processes that require a failproof system.


Where pure robotization will just not cut it

A common technology nowadays in the banking industry is the use of RPA – Robotic process automation tools. As robotic process automation is the golden grail for those, who need results fast, unfortunately in a highly regulated and secure environment, business rules must not only be described and automated, but also personnel must also be guided, and potential risks tracked.

ShakeSpeare® offers a bank an innovative fusion of Management and Governance of your bank’s business processes, hardened with business rules, but also enriched with automation tools. ShakeSpeare® is Business Process Automation, next generation tool for running your bank head-to-head against your digital competitors.


Banking processes with the highest gains

The implementation of ShakeSpeare BPM, RPA and DMS platform within an organization such as a bank is of course more than just one platform, implementing with other existing solutions as well as external data sources is usually a substantial increase of the value add to the bank.

The Zejn Group personnel and process experts can assist any Bank in improving, digitalizing and automating their processes as our implementation teams have extensive experience in the business and also, we have the know-how from other banks on being able to consult on the processes and solution that bring the best results:

Credit Process

Is your bank capable of supporting Loan originating process within 10 seconds? Credit committees, due diligence and basic document handling can take up to several days within even the most advanced banking environments.

We have an automated and robotized way for you to not only handle Loan Originating process, but to streamline it at light speed – conserving business rules and your internal guidelines at the same time.

Please ask our experts for a live demo, case studies and more.

Legal process

Typically legal processes within a bank can be broken down into a workout, other litigation, and non-litigation activities. Meanwhile advances with process automation have been most impressive at workout processes, digital case exchange with outsourced lawyers, tracking their work and digital interaction with all stakeholders have transformed legal / workout departments from cost center into a revenue generation department.

Please ask our experts for a live demo, case studies and more.

Risk and Compliance process

Our digital competences have matured with implementing risks and compliance processes in healthcare, financial and insurance industries, our largest clients from these businesses having over 8.500 employees. Every risk or every compliance missed, can mean life a lost in healthcare and financial and compliance risks in banking need to be handled with the same level of seriousness.

Transferring the knowledge and wide expertise from healthcare into the banking environment, we have not only helped our bank clients to achieve fulfilment of the highest international banking standards, but also greatly reduced operational, legal, and financial risks, where possible.First step for reducing the risk is properly identifying it, so by asking for relevant information you are on the right path.

Please ask our experts for a live demo, case studies and more.

Financial and General processes

Financial and General departments are usually burdened with loads of day-to-day processes (such as invoice processing, financial reservations, legal reservations, contract management, etc.) and are usually supported by many different applications. Having a unified and central platform such as ShakeSpeare for all business processes greatly improves corporate process governance, reduces the risks, and speeds up all supporting activities within your organization. Reporting and monitoring are some of the key values adds of ShakeSpeare if implemented as a central process management platform.

Please ask our experts for a live demo, case studies and more.

Some of our banking clients

ShakeSpeare® for insurance companies


Insurance companies are using our technology often as contracting parties to our law firm clients. We support law firms with the software technology that enables performing legal services to certain legal insurance companies, especially in central and south-eastern Europe and support the operational and delivery processes by providing automated document generation, data enrichment, case processing and process management solutions.


Digital processes in insurance got a boost in COVID19 pandemic


There are literally hundreds of processes within a modern Insurance organization. Some of them (usually customer-faced) are already digitalized, some of them are becoming, but some will never be.


Regardless of their state (digital, analog, both), those processes make your Insurance organization great and those are your unique distinctions to attract more and more customers or grow with existing ones.


Governing analog insurance processes in digital era


As typical processes cover core business in your Core Insurance software, some of the very important processes, typically “on a hand -napkin” are not covered in the core software at all, even though they can mean a major risk for your ever-changing insurance ecosystem.

Figure 1 – the modern banking or insurance organization techology infrastructure map related to core business processes

Such examples can be as complex as reinsurance for large quantities or smaller day-to-day business processes of covering drafting of that “special contract”.

ShakeSpeare® builds a repository of those processes, regardless weather they are digital or not and enable your compliance officers and others to understand and at the end of the day mitigate risks.

Insurance processes with the most benefits of deploying ShakeSpeare Technology


Those are typical scenarios, where our implementation teams have the most experience and set-up tangible parameters to track the successfulness in the individual fields:

Claim process

Contractor enrolment and KPI management is typically difficult to monitor in the typical Insurance ecosystem. Which further negatively impacts client satisfaction in their claim completion process delays.

It is vital importance not only to streamline and automate claim the process, but to make it visible to all decision makers to understand it to the best possible extent and reach informed decisions based on a reliable and measurable set of KPIs which can be extracted from the software with a mouse click.With automation and robotization of reports the benefits of investment outpace efforts in a very short timeframe, most commonly below 12 months after rollout.

Please ask our experts for a live demo, case studies and more.

Legal process, outsourcing and consulting

Legal departments have become pressured with more requests for evaluations, analysis and especially claims due to the COVID19 pandemic. Also redefining the policy regulation and risks for the insurances, most needed to adapt. To provide the legal grounds and analysis there was high pressure on the legal departments and the law firms that support them to process requests fast and provide replies. In such events where ShakeSpeare is used a much better structure, overview, and management is possible than in comparison with the “classic” approach, heavily also impacted by the ability for people to work and manage confidential data from their home-office locations, which has sometimes proven to be a substantial challenge in many organizations.

Please ask our experts for a live demo, case studies and more.

Risk and Compliance process

After COVID19 pandemic prevented many insurance companies to have teams on site and has driven them to become more digital in the field of sales, the need to digital control and risk management tools has become more evident. Based on various insurance fields, different solutions became needed. Most importantly, document-based decisions and risk-assessments became even more important, as often the COVID19 measures prevented on-site inspections or audits for some insurance types.

Please ask our experts for a live demo, case studies and more.

Financial and General processes

Same as with banking the main organizational processes steered through the ShakeSpeare platform enable more efficiency governance and in the insurance claim management in many insurance companies also confirmation and payments of invoices and claims is a big topic. Managing and accessing that in a digital way, supported by machine learning OCR and data extraction technology, automated validation check and potential red flags is one of the most needed solutions in insurances dealing with large numbers of claims/invoices. Examples are in health insurance, accident insurance, vehicle or device insurance.

Please ask our experts for a live demo, case studies and more.

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