Document Management Software (DMS)

Digital files, versioning of documents, collaborations, folders, projects and related workflows.

ShakeSpeare® DMS is a document management solution used in small to large companies and organizations. As a DMS Software solution the following capabilities are important on the ShakeSpeare DMS platform:


  • Access via WEB and Windows interfaces.
  • Integration with user roles and rights management.
  • Document and project file access rights based on user rights within the organization and integration with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Connectivity with OCR and Data Capture technology (see OCR)
  • Document versioning and archiving
  • Auditable Revision-trail for every document, action, change and version
  • Encryption
  • Cloud or on-premise installation possibility
  • Electronic Archive with secure backup and encryption functionality
  • Live support and user training for our clients
Document Management Software (DMS)

As a DMS solution ShakeSpeare® DMS is used by government institutions, banks, manufacturing and service companies, legal, compliance, auditing and quality management industry. Our smallest clients are companies of a few employees from the service industry which use a small portion of the functionality and usually use ShakeSpeare as a cloud solution up to our largest clients – medical establishments of nearly 10.000 employees where patient data is handled with extreme high degree of security and confidentiality as well as banks who manage credit files on their client and law firms who handle sensitive cases.


The DMS can interact with the BPM part of ShakeSpeare technology thus enabling digital processes to generate, manage, archive and collaborate on documents stored within ShakeSpeare® DMS with a full range of automation possibilities and collaboration with external organizations or clients.


A typical use of the solution in the private sector is in invoice management and contract management within companies with many use cases involving generating the documents from advanced document creation module where complex legal document may be generated at mouse-click based on the input parameters determining the content of the document to be created.


Often the DMS is also connected to ERP solutions of client organizations where invoices, contracts or purchase orders can be stored, linked and data sent to and from such systems for automation and management within the company.


Every ShakeSpeare® DMS installation – no matter if it is a standard deployment in cloud or an advanced core system installed on-premise which communicates with other solutions is highly stable, reliable and secure. Coming from the healthcare, legal and financial sector the technology has been developed with efficiency and security in mind and all the general functionality is available to any company deciding to use ShakeSpeare as their DMS of choice.

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ShakeSpeare® in Cloud is available from 149€ / Month and includes 10GB storage space as well as licenses for 10 users.

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If you want to read more about Documentmanagement in general and various use-cases, please expand following section

When organizations decide that they will implement a DMS Software it is usually a very complex procedure to first understand what they actually want to have from a document management software. There is an extensive offer of DMS solutions on the market and each is special in its own way. As a basic DMS solution, maybe the most known system would be Dropbox, which is use for storing and sharing documents. But storing and sharing documents is only a scratch at the surface of what a DMS solution usually is. In the modern world there is a wide list of requirements based on what the organization needs to do with the solution and why they are implementing it.


Usually the main reasons and functionalities of a document management in companies and institutions are the following:

A revision-safe archiving is needed on the company level for financial and contractual documents. In addition quite often there is a need to search documents effectively and fast based on their content, classification, creation or modification date and versions of documents should be stored to be able to revert back to previous versions.


Most organizations also have a very clear picture of who can see what and also these users should have a similar access level to documents and data of the company as well. This meaning if a user is on a management level she or he may access more documents and data than someone who just joined the company in a specific department as a trainee. Of course many documents should be shared to all employees, as for example quality policy, rules on how to manage vacations, sick-leave, company newsletters, etc. A good enterprise grade document management solution offers the possibility to publish and update documents on an organization (or sub-organization) level, thus enabling information to flow effectively in the organization.


Collaboration with clients and external parties is another category that is important for many, from manufacturing companies, to smaller or larger law firms or even banks – there is a need to be able to open up parts of the system to external collaborators or clients in order to share working documents, track access to them and also keep the documents safe and not send them via e-mail without encryption or control. Nobody wants their contracts or confidential information floating freely in the internet without control.


The demands in larger companies are often also related to implementing an on-premise OCR solution (to keep data safe but processed for searching) or including a data capture solution together with that so that received documents (and post) are processed and data is extracted automatically. Adding this with workflows a document and data may automatically be distributed within the company to the appropriate people, shortening times in which information and documents reach the right people and adding a layer of control and security as well.


When implementing a DMS it is always good to know the needs well – best is to start talks with the solution provider and many mid to large companies also involve external consultants and their IT departments when implementing DMS solutions. A DMS implementation always has many questions that need answering and often the ideas for improvements and optimal use come after the testing has already started on a deployed solution.


We as a software provider are always happy to provide consultancy and best-practice cases from various business fields related on our experience. For mid to large size companies or specific fields (like healthcare, legal, financial or insurance) we also work closely with the consultants, respective compliance and legal departments as well as IT.


Another important factor of how companies work with their digital data and documents is what kind of user interfaces are available and for which levels of use. ShakeSpeare® offers a web-browser based user interface as well as a windows interface to be installed. The Web interface allows for remote work and offers a bit more light-weight user experience, whereas the windows interface is mostly in use in complex use-cases as the detailed functionalities for use in legal, financial and healthcare industry are many and are relevant only for a specific client-set.


Most companies will be happy with the standard ShakeSpeare® DMS solution offering as a cloud for use in manufacturing and service industry for management of contracts, personnel files, invoices, purchase orders and similar. There is a high degree of automation that can be achieved on those which is why the combination of the DMS and BPM parts of ShakeSpeare Technology is such a big value add to many companies. Workflow and document generation automation are of immense value to quality, compliance, financial and controlling departments as well as HR in many cases. There are also use-cases where management level creates (and manages) the tasks and minutes of meetings via the Workflow part of ShakeSpeare which adds an important level of efficiency and understanding within the organization itself.


We are looking forward to talking with you about your use case.

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