All your contracts centrally & digitally managed – in one contract management software!

When do you want to digitize your contracts so you never miss a deadline again and save time and money?

We support you with software for digital contract management. ShakeSpeare S-Contract!

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All contracts audit-proof in one place

Bye-bye drives and folders!

Secure storage and archiving in the document management system (DMS).

In the cloud or on-premise

Never miss deadlines again

Adé excel sheet!

Built-in deadline management with automatic reminders to keep track of contracts

Save time by automating contract management

Bye-bye resource-consuming contract creation.

ShakeSpeare S-Contract can be easily scaled to "save" even more time. Create (have created) contracts automatically!


Software implementation costs a lot of time? Not with us!


The introduction of a software is a hurdle in some companies, because it has to happen besides the normal daily business. But a functioning contract management also needs an appropriate contract management tool.

ShakeSpeare® is designed to consume as little time as possible during implementation.

  • No installation necessary
  • Accessible from any browser
  • Intuitive and straightforward design
  • Refreshing online training Simple user videos
What can ShakeSpeare® S-Contract do? What can the contract management platform do?
Audit-proof DMS contract management onpremise or in the cloud

S-Contract is a solution based on ShakeSpeare® software. ShakeSpeare® is an audit-proof document management system that meets all known standards and stores and archives documents on your server or in the cloud in an encrypted and audit-proof manner. Stored documents can be searched for their content when the “OCR full text search” is activated. This allows you to search for individual words and content in the contracts and “google” through the content of your contracts.

Multi-client capability - use with multiple departments / companies

Centralized contract management is a cross-company issue that is handled differently in different departments or companies within a corporate group. Each unit usually has its own responsibilities, rules and mechanisms to manage contracts.

Information and documents are often stored decentrally in different systems, drives, drawers or cabinets.

With centralized contract management, you not only ensure a consistent way of working, but the company also automatically saves time and gains security.

The full overview of all important data and documents is just as valuable a result as the reminder of all deadlines ensured by the software

Extensions, automation and workflows

Would you like to use ShakeSpeare® beyond simple contract management and increase automation? For example, you can switch digital approval processes for contracts that have not yet been signed before contract management and integrate digital signatures. And you can also add a contract generator before contract management for recurring contracts such as leases or employment contracts, thus creating a completely digital workflow. You can also link contracts to each other or to other documents such as purchase orders, invoices or other contracts.

Interface integration

Do you already have a document management system in place? You already have a user management e.g. in Microsoft Active Directory? You have stored all your contract partners in your ERP system? ShakeSpeare® and S-Contracts are very interface-friendly, so interfaces to all other programs are conceivable. For example, there are standard integrations to MS Dynamics NAV, MS Actice Directory, SAP or iManage.

Your individual requirements for role/rights management

With the central and holistic setting of roles, rights, responsibilities, rules and reminders, you ensure compliance in your system. All contracts, contract types, deadlines, and reminders follow the same rules. This way you can ensure compliance in your company. For example, do you want all rental contracts to be reviewed at the end of each year or leases to always be reviewed 4 weeks before the notice period? With S-Contract this is possible.

Evaluation: Controlling and Risk Management

With S-Contract you can store and manage an unlimited number of contracts (100,000 contracts are no problem). For the management, risk management, controlling or legal department, there is a total overview of all contracts and data of all units. In the general overview, the contract data can be easily exported and sorted, organized and prepared for analyses and reports. Overall reports or reporting are just as possible as special reporting.

Digital contract file

A contract file can map the preparatory work and attachments to a contract that is being created or is active.

Potential analysis

Together, we use the following questions to find out whether you have a need to manage your contracts digitally.


A digital contract management software can do much more!

Full text search

Our fully integrated OCR technology makes every contract document automatically searchable for its entire content

Term Manager

For contract creation, clauses can be managed individually and centrally in the clause manager

Contract controlling

The meta data recorded for the contract is specifically geared to your company and enables detailed contract controlling.

Automatic contract creation

Recurring contracts can be easily created automatically via a contract configurator. This saves time and avoids errors.

Integration of Office 365

Edit documents directly in ShakeSpeare® – linked to Word Online and other programs


Overview of expiring contracts, costs and risks

Risk management based on risk scores

Each contract can be assigned various risk scores, which calculate an overall risk in the background and display it in color

Digital design approval and other workflows

Before contracts are filed, they are created, approved and negotiated. All this can be archived in an audit-proof manner and increases security

Access control via roles & rights

Your department / company / holding structure mapped with us (read function, access function, manager function)

Deadlines & reminders

Resubmission setup and escalation levels via email reminders, to-do lists and flags

Digital signature

Direct connection to docuSign possible. No more document download necessary

Add-on content analysis with AI

Contracts can be analyzed in many languages via artificial intelligence.

Contract Lifecycle

Every contract has a life and this must be managed (Contract Lifecycle management)

The ShakeSpeare® interface world

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