Digital Company processes – Digitization and automation of internal company processes is the new standard.

Every organization, independent from what it does has many processes that occur frequently and result in a value generated for their clients – it does not matter if it is a private company, public company or a government institution. Work processes are the way results are achieved and value created.

Many business processes in organizations can be easily digitized and automated using our graphical interface workflow engine..

There are some processes that are present in all organizations and of course many that are organizations specific related to their industry and field of work. Under the business line Digital Company we focus on general organization processes that occur in most organizations and with ShakeSpeare solutions provide support, or rather a modern solution to facilitate the management, execution and understanding of these processes.


The better an organization is at managing its processes the more efficient and productive it becomes. In the private sector competition is the main driver of costs, in some industries where a lack of good candidates is occurring in the market implementation of solutions like ShakeSpeare may mean the difference between employees staying or leaving.


Under the Digital Company business area we are summarizing the most frequent workflows – business processes that we deal with on an everyday basis, for some we offer a pre-set off the shelf solutions, which integrate the most required automation functionalities and needed technology to advance organizational operations to a modern level made available with the drop of technical infrastructure costs and modern requirements for data processing and process management.


Every company deals with the following processes we understand and support very well with ShakeSpeare enabling companies to have more control and understanding as well as automating parts of these processes to reduce their internal costs and often also the workload on their employees.

Frequent processes present in practically any organization with more than a few employees are the following:


Digital Mailroom – the very basic and one of the most important entry level workflows of all processes we deal with is the management of incoming post. There are many sources of documents flowing into an organization and the digitalization, streamlining and assigning to appropriate people and departments within organizations is key. This is even more so important in organizations that are bound by deadlines and regulatory requirements. The process can involve OCR and document process technology, distribution flow within the organization and document classification for further processing and defining steps for each document type.


Invoice processing and validation – there is no organization in the world where cost management and invoice payment validations are non-existent. With S-Invoice (or a central ShakeSpeare platform) invoices are gathered at entry points (scanned post, e-mails, online portals, etc.), digitalized and distributed to approval within the organization. After initial approval that an incoming invoice – either from a supplier, employee for travel cost reimbursement or any other invoice is actually valid it usually enters the second stage of approval, usually by department manager or a supervisor. After being confirmed the invoice is rerouted to the financial or accounting department for payment. The document itself and data can be extracted automatically or manually and sent to a payment and bookkeeping system from ShakeSpeare. Also a digital archive of invoices is secure within ShakeSpeare for potential auditing and controlling purposes. Data is gathered and can be used for business intelligence and reporting.


Contract management – many organizations have immense amounts of contracts in place – either their contracts with clients, contracts with suppliers, employees and many other types of contracts. Managing these contracts and understanding their life cycle is something that takes place in ShakeSpeare. Of course data and document security are critical and the powerful roles and rights delegation within ShakeSpeare provides an extra layer of security that confidential data is not leaked. Quite often the legal departments are in need of a contract management solution that fits their needs and displays the important data that are needed for management of contracts within the organization. ShakeSpeare also servers as a reminder solution for contract expiration and renewal deadlines, as a repository for contracts, management of contracts and also very often with it´s document generation capability also as a tool to generate contracts towards the clients of the organization. Typical types of contracts managed, generated, evaluated and tracked are employment contracts, Non-disclosure agreements, cooperation agreements, incorporation agreements, supply contracts, service and product contracts and many others. Contract management has rarely been so powerful and flexible as it is with ShakeSpeare. Enriched with a wide variety of functionalities for tracking, managing, escalating and creation ShakeSpeare (and S-Contract) are the right tool for the job.


Quality and compliance management – the field of compliance, risk management and quality organization is so extensive that we solve most of the use-cases within the QM, RM, Compliance and Auditing division with specialized solutions for that often highly regulated and demanding field. Compliance and QM are part of everyday company operations and critical for risk management and contact improvement. The most standard is the ISO9001:2015 process digitalization including supplier audits and risks analysis, but is definitely not limited only to that.


Legal workflows – it is often in organizations that the legal department is in charge of several critical processes which need to be operated, maintained, checked and evaluated on a daily basis. The banking and legal industry are of course at the pinnacle of the demands in the legal process field with mass litigation and specialization for legal services being one of the main drivers of progress and digitalization in that field. Also a high lack of competent resources requires ever more support and automation – either document evaluation, checking, creating and following through to 3rd parties or clients via the ShakeSpeare® Legal platform. In this field we support the legal departments as supporting structures or law firms in operational and compliance procedures.


Human resources workflows – Human resources departments are often overloaded and find it difficult to mange the employment process within the organizations. Quite often the resources are not available as there are limited budgets for internal services departments like HR. Digital tools are critical to facilitate an optimal flow in application management, on-boarding, training, budgeting, career development as well as contract terminations, off-boarding and archiving relevant documents especially in the light of the European GDPR regulation and the “forget me” requirement. Several workflows are set up per organization requirements following the candidates from the application stage throughout their career path in the organization. Most of the time the workflows are highly customized for the organization needs and HR landscape in place.


Ticketing systems – similar to task management, but with a more advanced approach and streamlining. Ticketing systems most commonly in use are for IT and Maintenance ticketing – meaning issuing a ticket, reporting a problem or request and following through in the solving process. With our banking clients we have evolved new ticketing workflows in the legal department for legal ticketing with branch offices of banks where several KPIs are tracked and risk are analyzed and categorized to identify risks within organizations.


Order management – Digitalization of order management in an organization is critical to understanding the workloads, order book, processing and evaluations of the order flow within the company. Many companies struggle with order management and cannot find a suitable order management software on the market. ShakeSpeare with its BPM component can be configured to fit any order and even linked to external data sources to capture order data and digitalize the process of receiving, delivering, invoicing a received product or service order. Data can be exported to business analysis tools or analyzed in ShakeSpeare with a wide variety of options for escalation and warnings. Losing or forgetting an order is one of the worst mistakes that can be done as it means a dissatisfied client and potentially also a loss of reputation.

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In the year 2020 the COVID19 pandemic caused a major disruption in company operations. As a process digitalization company we have started to get more and more requests by companies not being able to continue regular operations (mostly still in paper form) due to the home-office and lockdown requirements. On the market in Germany specifically many mid-size companies which had no real pressure to start digitalizing and optimizing have found themselves unable to cope with remote work, home office and the flexibility of a digital workplace.

For many processes there were no fallback scenarios in place and that has exposed many weaknesses in the internal company processes in order to ensure regular company operation. The need to implement solutions fast and have the possibility to fit them to their specific needs has driven increased demand for ShakeSpeare Software Technology and we responded by providing Corona Task Force teams which were on duty most of the time also including weekends to support the increased demand and time pressure.


Working remotely with clients is something quite natural for us and to be able to configure adapted workflows based on the client requirements needs strong collaboration and communication with the client representatives. We are able to do so and have improved our solution deployment processes and also are able to do rapid prototyping (workshops) deployments where a ShakeSpeare platform is deployed fast and then improved on the go as more specification and needs are defined by clients.


Digitalization in internal company processes has always been a bit behind the digitalization in operational and delivery processes, mostly due to the fact that back office improvements mostly lack the budgets for development and it is also very difficult for companies to calculate the internal costs of managing an invoice, onboarding and managing an employee’s career cycle whereas some fields like QM/RM have almost no financial KPIs. The more complex the use-cases are, however, the higher paid are the individuals that need to do the work and hold the expertise. This means that usually as complexity (and therefore the time investment needed to set-up a valuable workflow for the company) raises the more valuable are the people. Once implemented advanced workflows deliver immense value and also reduce risks which come from losing potentially key employees in QM/RM or Legal / Compliance who have the majority of the know-how in their heads and not on paper, quite often due to the fact that there was simply never time to write it and prepare the definitions. With the recent developments on the job markets in Europe many positions have become extremely valuable with few candidates for every open position. The know-how is extremely valuable as managing risk is one of the key factors in company success and having prevented risks since there are often no financial consequences is difficult to measure.


We have met companies where the critical people are completely overloaded and also given scarce budgets to improve their departments and it becomes a vicious cycle of putting down fires and not having the time to stop and improve the actual processes in the organization. We try to facilitate this change in organizations by making available quick starts with rapid prototyping and small budgets as to give important people something in hand that provides value and that they can also present internally to ensure a budget to continue to the next step and improve even more. Ideally the entire management from the top level down to every single unit and department can benefit from digitalizing internal processes. One key value add is an overview of the ongoings in the organization as well as identification of weak spots, bottlenecks, and overloaded employees, helping to even the distribution of the workload by setting clear department-wide KPIs per position and tracking the performance.


There are many options to use ShakeSpeare in HR – from leave of absence requests, sick leave management, application process, onboarding, offboarding, finance and controlling benefits from having a clear digital overview for their reporting and tasks as well as faster flow of invoices often benefiting from improved financial conditions from suppliers, management can have critical or important information at a mouse-click and involving employees in a central platform makes sense as internal processes often cost time and money. With implementing digital processes and flows the users always know how to set a request for reimbursements of travel costs, can upload documents or fill in the missing information. The documents are never lost and data is always available for analysis and audits.


Are you thinking of digitalizing in your company as well? We will be happy to help with suggestions, ideas and best practice example from your field of work, contact us and consult with our experts.


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