Legal department software

With ShakeSpeare® legal, legal departments can structure their work and processes, generate documents semi-automatically, introduce KPI tracking, offer in-house digital services and collaborate digitally with departments


Document creation / contract management


For recurring documents / similar documents

ShakeSpeare® can be used to automatically create documents that always follow the same pattern according to rules and input parameters, store them in a structured manner and monitor them by deadlines.


  • Employment contracts
  • Supplier contracts
  • NDAs
  • Licence contracts
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Finance contracts

Case Management Software


digital law firm in the cloud

Installed on the in-house servers or in the cloud, ShakeSpeare provides software:


  • Digital Case Management
  • Document management
  • Time recording
  • Contract Management
  • KPI trackingTask Management
  • Linking of files and workflows

Legal outsourcing


Conveniently assign tasks and cases externally

Work with external law firms on a shared area of the software.


Maintain control over data, documents and tasks.


You always see the current processing status and have full control over costs, quality and projects.


Create a KPI tracking for your external law firms and lawyers as a basis for decision-making.


Legal Help Desk / Ticketing


Connected to Smart FAQ

Introduce a Legal Help Desk, where questions from the company can be put to the Legal Department online.


Within the legal department, the queries can be classified and processed / assigned in a structured manner.


Create a Smart FAQ that automatically answers frequently repeated queries.


Save time internally through the Legal Ticketing System when communicating, distributing tasks and completing tasks.


Legal Services / Digital assistants


Easy collaboration with departments

Offer “Legal Services” within your company instead of processing unstructured requests by e-mail.


Legal Services can be: legally compliant contract generators or digital assistants.


Digital assistants for queries such as internal compliance checks, “Data Protection Violation” etc., which can be created by the legal department and used by managers for initial assessment of legal issues.

Further functions:



Flexibly adaptable, automated workflows for digital work processes

Revision safety

All documents stored in an audit-proof manner


“Automatic text readout / OCR”


“Work with colleagues, outside counsel, and internal stakeholders.”


“Interfaces to already existing CRM, DMS, accounting or legal software”

Cloud / on premise

Or installable as a hybrid solution

Cost Overview

* Prices do not include VAT (if applicable)

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Software for the digital management and automation of files and documents in law firms