S-Order Manager is the software for digital confirmation and management of purchase orders and management of incoming orders

Gain full control over your incoming orders and issued purchase orders to suppliers – even in your home office. With S-Order Manager you can start, confirm and execute internal purchase orders from anywhere or you can digitize your order entry for the entire organization. The system can be linked to an invoice receipt or contract management by ShakeSpeare or a 3rd party software. Individual requirements tailored to your company can be implemented easily.

Accessible from everywhere

  • Orders can be started, approved, or executed from anywhere via a web browser interface – also in your home office
  • Depending on their role in the company, each user receives their own access authorization and to-do list
  • Orders can be accepted, rejected, forwarded, delegated, and processed from anywhere in digital order entry

Your Business rules

  • Map and define your own release rules, budget limits and permissions
  • Avoid mistakes by your employees and meet compliance guidelines and regulatory requirements
  • Automatic reminders and escalations mean no more forgotten orders or assignments

Automation: connection with incoming invoices

  • By connecting with the confirmation process of incoming invoices, you can connect and automate your business processes
  • When an invoice is received, the software automatically checks whether there is a confirmed purchase order for the invoice in the system
  • The invoice is automatically connected to a purchase order, data matching takes place automatically so that the invoice can be processed automatically to the level of your liking

Digitize ordering process and order entry process

Every company has an internal purchasing process since the organization company purchases materials or services to maintain business operations.


Likewise, everyone receives work orders or purchase orders in some form and thus necessarily has an order entry process which is often not streamlined in an optimal way.


Most of the time, these two processes are well defined, but no specialized software tool is used to manage these very important processes. It is usually clarified what the sales employee or a partner does when they have sold a product or service of their company to a client. They hand over the order to the operative, executing department or business unit.


To do this they often write an e-mail or fill out an Excel spreadsheet, sends the contract information, fills out a Word document, etc., and saves it on a drive or sends it by e-mail. A lot of administrative time can be lost in the process. Data is copied manually, the same documents are created again and again, which could also be created automatically and filed where you are not sure.

Automating the order entry process - the solution

A digital process provides the remedy as it avoids all the above. By clearly defining the required data and documents, as well as mandatory fields, selection fields, rules, automatic checks and notes, errors are reduced from the outset. Centralization and auditability ensure that no processes are lost, duplicated, or accidentally deleted.

Save time and avoid errors

Documents and data are available centrally and digitally and can be viewed from anywhere, depending on the authorization level to access the information. Evaluations and reports can be generated automatically, and other company processes such as invoice receipt or contract management as well as other company software can be integrated automatically. The entire company saves time and gains security, as administrative tasks run faster, and errors and risky shortcuts are avoided.

Customized to your requirements

We know that every industry and every company is different. That is why we have developed the solution in such a way that your own rules, requirements and wishes can be easily implemented. Starting from an industry standard, we adapt the order flow within the software for you.

Audit-proof DMS - Document Management Software

S-Order Manager is a solution based on ShakeSpeare® Software. ShakeSpeare® is an audit-proof document management system that meets all known standards and stores and archives documents on your server or in the cloud in an encrypted and audit-proof manner. Stored documents can be searched for their content when the “OCR full text search” is activated. This allows you to search for individual words and content in contracts and “Google” through the content of your contracts.

Compliance - holistic

With the central and holistic setting of roles, rights, responsibilities, rules, and reminders, you ensure compliance in your organization. All orders and contracts follow the same rules. That way, you ensure compliance in your organization. For example, do you want employees to be able to initiate orders up to €500 without approval, and he department head has to approve orders over €500, and the managing director over €10,000? Such settings and many more are possible with S-Order Manager.

Integration and interfaces

You already have a document management system in place? You already have a user management e.g. in Microsoft Active Directory? You already have all your contractual partners stored in your ERP system? ShakeSpeare® is extremely interface-friendly, so interfaces to all other software solutions are possible. For example, there are standard integrations to MS Dynamics NAV, MS Active Directory, SAP, Datev Unternehmen Online, iManage or beA.

S-Order Manager Prices


Up to 6 Users

Included in all packages:

  • Reminder functions
  • Mail-in Modul - import signed contracts by mail forwarding
  • Microsoft NAV and Active Directory

+ 4 GB cloud storage (server in Germany)


Up to 15 Users

All content that is included in all packages

+ Workflow customization / 2 hours
+ 8 GB cloud storage (server in Germany)


Up to 25 Users

All content that is included in all packages

+ Workflow customization / 4 hours
+ 10 GB cloud storage (server in Germany)


Up to 50 Users

All content that is included in all packages

+ Workflow customization / 10 hours
+ 15 GB cloud storage (server in Germany)

* Prices do not include VAT (if applicable)


If your organization needs more users we will prepare a custom offer for your organization

Request offer

If you are interested in the full ShakeSpeare Software Suite for document management and document generation as well as digitalization and automation of other organization processes (such as HR, Compliance, Finance, Controlling, Purchasing, Order management and others), please view our general ShakeSpeare Software Suite here.

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