“Online Power of Attorney” is an application that allows your clients to sign powers of attorney digitally from your website or link


The document that any attorney must sign with each new client is the power of attorney. Although this process is very common and can be standardized, it still consumes a lot of time in creation, sending, conversion, verification and assignment.

Easy setup in 3 steps


Send us power of attorney

You send us your power of attorney together with your logo and your areas of law.


Your online power of attorney is created

We create your online power of attorney and set up a log-in for you.


Let’s go

You will receive a link to your online power of attorney, which you can embed on your homepage and send to clients – Let’s go!

Always and everywhere accessible

  • Let clients sign powers of attorney from their smartphone or PC using their finger or mouse
  • Allow clients to make requests and sign powers of attorney at any time 24/7
  • Increase the visibility and reduce the “bounce rate” of your clients

Simple and time-saving

  • Make life easy for your clients and increase the quality of your services
  • Make life easy for your employees (attractive employer) and save time in administration
  • Simplify and streamline your internal processes and avoid mistakes by your employees

Integration into your existing processes

  • Integrate your online power of attorney simply through a link on your existing website
  • Automatically assign the online power of attorney to the correct files via e-mail or an interface
  • Integrate the link into your existing client communications

Further advantages, did you know: the online power of attorney…

  • …is stored audit-proof as a document in the DMS of ShakeSpeare®.
  • …saves your clients and employees time, paper and nerves
  • …is an easy (first) step into legal tech, digitalization and automation.
  • …is easy to fill out from your cell phone or PC.
  • …is also possible in analog form: clients can still print the power of attorney and sign it with a pen.
  • …can be handed over prefilled via link, the client only has to sign with finger / mouse.
  • …can be inserted into existing website.
  • …can be inserted into existing forms, so that name must be entered only once.
  • …can be integrated into existing lawyer software.
  • …can be adapted to UX and inserted into Userflow.
  • …shows that your law firm is modern and innovative.
  • is expected by younger user groups and millenials.
  • …can send a notification when a new power of attorney is received.
  • …can be automatically assigned to correct file via interfaces and email.
  • …can be installed on your own web hosting and web servers.

Cost Overview


Cost / Month / yearly payment
  • 1 user
  • up to 20 Power of attorney / Month
  • On your own server
  • Your own domain
  • Monthly cancellation period


Cost / Month / yearly payment
  • 2 users
  • up to 100 Power of attorney / Month
  • On your own server
  • Your own domain
  • Monthly cancellation period


Cost / Month / yearly payment
  • 3 users
  • up to 250 Power of attorney / Month
  • On your own server
  • Your own domain
  • Monthly cancellation period



  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited Power of attorney
  • On your own server
  • Your own domain
  • Monthly cancellation period

* Prices do not include VAT (if applicable)


If your organization needs more users we will prepare a custom offer for your organization

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