Whistleblower System for middle and enterprise companies

​SAs software, the ShakeSpeare® S-Whistleblower maps the new Whistleblower Directive in an audit-proof manner and adapted to your needs.​

Start now to represent this whistleblower protection tool in software – compliance relevant..​​.

Clients who already trust ShakeSpeare®​

Protection of whistleblowers​

Anonymous entry of leads and tracking in protected environment​

Deadline management​

Assign notes directly to clerks, store deadlines for processing and save time​

Easily accessible​

Easy input via a web form​


Software implementation costs a lot of time? Not with us!

The introduction of a software is a hurdle in some companies, because it has to happen besides the normal daily business. Especially in larger companies, a suitable system to comply with the EU Whistleblower Directive is essential.ShakeSpeare® is designed to consume as little time as possible during implementation.​

  • No installation necessary​
  • Accessible from any browser​
  • Intuitive and no-frills design​
  • Refreshing online training Simple user videos​
What does ShakeSpeare® S whistleblower do? ​
Easy access for potential whistleblowers ​

Every whistleblower (supplier, employee, customer) must have a way to point out wrongdoing in the company (whistleblowing). This can usually be done by means of a web form for submitting tips on the company website or a link to a system.

Fast recording and allocation of the clues​

The compliance manager responsible for this must be able to quickly identify what type of tip-off it is. To this end, we work with the department to determine what information a whistleblower must provide.

Systemic & timely forwarding of notices to appropriate staff.​

Notes of a certain category can be automatically or manually assigned to an employee (user) for processing. The tip receives a digital stamp and a corresponding deadline for resolution is stored. 

Audit-proof and traceable storage and archiving of notes​

To protect whistleblowers, tips cannot simply be deleted, but remain in the system for a certain period of time and can be viewed at any time.

Your individual requirements for role/rights management​

Each user of the system has a certain role. This can be customized to meet your individual needs.

Evaluation: Controlling and Risk Management​

Risk management can be added to each note, so that this data can be passed on in an appropriately processed manner

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