The main features of the ShakeSpeare® Software solutions are


Reliability is the key to our success. ShakeSpeare® is a very stable solution which is used in large organizations with many users. It can manage the loads in small companies as well as large multinational organizations. Our development is focused on software stability and reliability.


ShakeSpeare® is a very adaptable solution. Nowadays hard-coded solutions are no longer the best option, since every modification of the software is very expensive and requires substantial amounts of time. Our solutions are designed in a way, that allows quick adaptation to specific client requirements without required developer resources.


The possibility to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection with every device – PC, notebook, tablet or even mobile phone is provided with the Browser functionality of ShakeSpeare® Software. This allows for mobile work and has proven especially important in the COVID19 pandemic times where organizations no longer could work from offices, but had to resort to home office work.

More functions


ShakeSpeare® can be installed in secure cloud infrastructure.

Business intelligence

Data can be exported form ShakeSpeare® in various formats and analysed in Business Intelligence Tools.

OCR – Text recognition

Professional OCR and Data Capture technology can be deeply integrated with ShakeSpeare® to automate data extraction, gathering and processing.

Electronic Archiving

The use of ShakeSpeare® solutions provides an electronic archive in which data and documents can be stored in a secure and legally compliant manner.


The Lobby function of ShakeSpeare® provides a personal to-do list for users in which only processes are shown where user needs to take action.

Process management

The management of your organization has complete overview on the processes in the organization and their status, identifying potential bottlenecks and escalating where needed.

Revision trail

For every document, action, data point or process in ShakeSpeare® a revision trail exists and is safely stored thus securing changes and change tracking as well as providing secure archiving possibilities.

Reminder functionality

Users can be notified via SMS or E-mails about their tasks and to-do lists telling them when action is required.

The advantages of the ShakeSpeare® software are revision security, flexibility and mobility.

 Workflow management has never been so easy. Contact us!

 Workflow management has never been so easy.

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