ShakeSpeare® QMS

Software System

Software for the creation of digital quality

systems for data acquisition

ShakeSpeare® QMS offers companies a strong compliance and QMS management system. With the possibility to also serve as an audit supporting system (internal and external audits) e.g. in the areas “Testing”, “Inspection” and “Certification”. Whether supplier audit or external international audit, the ShakeSpeare® QMS solution supports companies globally in ensuring the latest status of processes, manuals and other activities in the area of compliance and QMS and to communicate them internally.


Can be integrated with business intelligence tools and big data solutions for regular evaluations, automated reporting and data-based forecasts.


For the QM department ShakeSpeare® is a central platform that can train employees in the company and always automatically makes the latest documentation available and thus ensures that compliance and QM processes run as they should.


Contract management is a critical part of this. With ShakeSpeare® the contract expiration periods, risk evaluations and contract processing can be supported and ensured simply and efficiently.

Structured approach

ShakeSpeare® solutions enable a structured approach to maintaining, revising and updating the structure of a quality system with audit trails.

Compliance is made easy

Our process management lets you manage all risk assessments, audit complaints and contracts through ShakeSpeare®. ShakeSpeare® reminds you of reviews, shows you risks and gives the users a pre-defined work process without omitting anything.

Real-time quality assurance and process updates

All invoices and reports are stored in ShakeSpeare® so you can browse them and always have access to the scan or the electronic version of the document. Several functionalities of ShakeSpeare® also support transfer to BI and ERP software systems so you have a clear overview of critical processes.

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