About 42DBS GmbH and ShakeSpeare® Software Technology


42DBS GmbH is a subsidiary Zejn Group from Slovenia. 42DBS is headquartered in Munich, Germany and is serving as the HQ for central, western and northern Europe. We combine the best of both worlds: the ShakeSpeare® technology has been developed for more and redesigned for over 2 decades, rebuilt and modernized after 2014 and is a market proven, secure and stable technology. As a new company with a very dynamic growth team we restructure and rebuild the processes and apply an agile market approach. 42DBS has the flexibility to allow for new business models and cooperation agreements in central and western Europe as well as Central and North America and Asian countries


Our vision and mission is shared with the entire Zejn Group companies and partners, the vision we strongly believe in is that we believe that with the correct application of current modern technologies companies and people can achieve the same or even better work efficiency and productivity with only 5-6 working hours a day.


Our mission is to create and build software tools and solutions based on our and partner technology that will enable individuals to focus and develop the added value to their career and expertise. Our tools are designed to empower individuals to efficiently manage everyday tasks which are repetitive or not relevant for the value creation. Tasks which often take up time and focus.


Our main goal is to improve and automate as many organization processes as is technically and financially feasible in order to facilitate the focus in companies on value generation and using the expertise of the employees.


Our flagship product is the ShakeSpeare® software suite, the result of own development which is used to provide several market solutions and strive to become market leaders in Process Automation, Document Management and automation as well as business process management in companies. We also focus on BPA and RPA – so business process automation and robotic process automation as well as integrations with other technologies and modern software solutions. Our most successful use-cases and solutions are in legal, healthcare, finance, compliance and quality management and digitalization of internal company processes.


One of our main goals is to enable access to modern technology to smaller companies as well, therefore we are very focused on making the technology financially attractive for smaller and mid-size companies as well with a very competitive license pricing model and reliable established large infrastructure providers for cloud.


We bring a great amount of experience from the corporate world into the SME sector and solve a wide variety of challenges in various countries and markets.


Vision: At Zejn Group we believe that with the correct application of existing modern technologies people can achieve the same and even higher work efficiency with only 5-6 working hours per day by 2030


The mission of Zejn Group is to supply the market with software tools that enable individuals in all organizations to focus on their core activities and develop added value throughout their career. Our tools are designed to empower individuals to efficiently manage everyday tasks which are time consuming and cause loss of focus on the core activity and expertise.


Learn more about ShakeSpeare® software for document management and workflow digitization.

our TEAM

Jan Baksa Lesjak

Managing Director

Jan Baksa Lesjak is responsible for the DACH region and the management of 42DBS GmbH in Munich and brings 14 years of experience in quality assurance and conformity assessment in the global company Bureau Veritas SA. He is also a member of the Management Board of the Zejn Group.

Anselm Appel

Business Developer

Anselm joined 42DBS in July 2017 from Audi, where as part of the team he led the development of Audi’s new production capacities in Mexico. With in-depth knowledge and understanding of business processes and their complexity, he is a valuable addition to the 42DBS team. His tasks include developing the markets in Germany and analyzing and addressing market needs.

Andrej L.

Machine Learning Expert

Andrej is a computer scientist and co-founder of 1nadan.si with over 15 years experience in agile software development, team management, data analytics and machine learning.

Christian Böttcher

Consultant Sales

Christian’s motto: “You never stop learning” is one of the cornerstones of his successful 20+ years in sales. The focus of his sales expertise is in the areas of services and project sales for IT hardware and software solutions. He himself always loves to face new challenges. Therefore, he lived out his hobby part-time for several years and ran his own party service with event agency.

In 2021 he was certified as a Professional Product Owner Scrum and as a Professional Agile Leader. Not only does he fit well into our Munich team as a sales professional, but also because he is a true Bavarian and a cosmopolitan.

Sukeri S.

Senior Developer

Sukeri has been working as Senior Developer at 42DBS GmbH since January 2020. Prior to that, he was with ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE and IBM as software developer, product owner and solution architect. He has worked on various projects such as booking systems, information systems etc. and has many years of experience in these areas.

Anna Slaninkova

Legal Engineer

As a Legal Engineer, Anna is responsible for transforming a legal perspective into a technical implementation of Legal Tech projects. Before joining 42DBS, she worked as a lawyer for a law firm, ultimately specializing in data protection law and participating on projects aimed to create standardized digital legal products. Anna studied law and has a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from the University of Cambridge.

Luka Obrenovic

Junior BPM Modeler

Luka has been working as a Junior BPM Modeler at 42DBS since October 2021 and supports us in the development of business-oriented solutions. He studies at the University of Augsburg and is enrolled in the bachelor's degree program in Computer Science Engineering.

Katarina Barbara Žetko

Junior Web Developer

Katarina Barbara joined us in 2021 as a junior web developer. She designs, develops and maintains webpages and online platforms for us and our clients. Katarina Barbara is also involved in the frontend product development and design in Zejn Group.

New challenge for you

Sales / Project Management / Developer

We are a growing start-up with a relaxed and focused team, many exciting challenges and a constructive, contemporary working atmosphere. We are always looking for reinforcement in the areas of Sales / Marketing , Project Management / Legal Engineering, Software Development / BPM Modeling, career changers are welcome to join us.

If you want to learn more about us and get to know the team, contact us and come by for a coffee. Or send us your unsolicited application to: [email protected]

We are looking forward to meeting you!


“We believe that with the correct application of current modern technologies we can achieve the same or even better work efficiency with only 5-6 working hours a day.”


We believe that it is possible today to reduce the working day to 5-6 hours and at the same time achieve an increase in efficiency – if the right technical aids are used.

The technical requirements are given, the art is to find, embed and use the right technology for the right job.

Our dream is for people to only work in a value-adding way and for repetitive and none value-adding tasks to be completed as quickly as possible with software support.

Which area are you interested in?

What is ShakeSpeare®?


ShakeSpeare Software is the result of 20 years of development and industry experience. ShakeSpeare consists of four integrated components – Workflow configurator (BPM), Text recognition, document management and Plug-ins.


The strength of the Software is the workflow configurator, with which anyone can digitalise a business process, automize through self-developed Plug-in Building blocks (BPA, RPA) and integrate with other systems.


The ShakeSpeare software is used in Legal Departments, offices, banks, clinics, medium-sized businesses and public allocations. It can be installed on-premise or in your cloud, however you prefer.


Through configured work-flows, ShakeSpeare® becomes your individual customized solution, that solves your problems in a flexible way.


Through configured work-flows, ShakeSpeare® becomes your individual customized solution, that solves your problems in a flexible way..


ShakeSpeare® allows you to automize recurring tasks. This leads to an increased employee satisfaction and efficiency in your company

These companies rely on ShakeSpeare

Partner Network Germany


We are looking for IT partners for the distribution and integration of the ShakeSpeare® software. Send us your inquiry and we will contact you.


Where can you meet the 42DBS staff in Germany?

User interface


ShakeSpeare® has two standard user interfaces – the browser interface (system independent) or the Windows interface (Windows installation).

Building on the ShakeSpeare® technology, any company can incorporate its own CI and even design its own user interface.


  • ESB
  • Web-service oriented
  • Highly integratable
  • Integrated with market leader NLP and ABBYY text selection technology



ShakeSpeare is represented worldwide by IT system houses and distribution partners.

Reliability and Compliance


State-of-the-art processes, as well as regular code injection and penetration testing ensure that ShakeSpeare® remains secure and stable.

DSGVO conformity and auditability are basic functionalities of the software.

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