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Frequently Asked Questions

No, unless you decide for an annual payment, there is no obligation to use ShakeSpeare (or pay in advance) for a set amount of time. We know our clients are happy clients and therefore do not require them to bind with our Technology for a longer period at the time of purchase. You are completely flexible to cancel your SaaS subscription any month with a 30 days’ notice.

A typical ShakeSpeare off-the-shelf solution (one of the product lines S-*) will mean an investment of 0,3k€ to 20k€ depending on the specifics of your organization and the need to adapt the workflows in the tool itself. For non-typical use-cases requiring many integrations, additional development of automation and validation and other functionalities the project range is usually between 20k€ and 300k€ – scope dependent.

Yes, ShakeSpeare Software can be installed in one of our clouds (we only work with major cloud infrastructure providers compliant with all data protection and cyber security needs), private cloud of your choosing (contact us for optimal requirements based on your use-case) or on-premise (your server infrastructure).

We cater to clients in government, banking, finance, healthcare, and law. ShakeSpeare Software Technology as a result is subjected to regular penetration and cybersecurity testing, so there is a high chance we can provide what your organization needs and still make sure that the cybersecurity and data security risks are managed in the required degree. If you need to know more, please contact us and after a signature of an NDA you will be provided with a security whitepaper as well as a possibility to discuss the technical components and cybercrime and data breach of our technology with our technical team.

Yes, ShakeSpeare and 42DBS are both compliant with GDPS requirements. Each client receives their own database, ShakeSpeare platform and we have no access to that platform unless specifically granted access for configuration and improvement needs. We maintain a strict data security policy as well as use an external DPO organization to keep us on-track with all regulatory developments and also include client requirements for their GDPR compliance to our software.

As standard we offer an integration with your MS Exchange Active Directory. If you use another user identity management technology, let us know, we can integrate with it.

Yes, our largest client in the healthcare field has 8.500 users, of that about 250 concurrent at any point in time so we can confirm ShakeSpeare fits to enterprise grade requirements for stability and usability.

Yes, we have IT integration partners in several markets which are responsible for local 2nd level support (sometimes also 1st level support if client requires). From the year 2021 also the Americas time-zone will be covered by a support department in that time-zone. Languages spoken by our support teams are: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Slovenian, Serbian and Croatian.

Currently the ShakeSpeare UI (Windows Software or Browser based UI) are available in English, German, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian. In 2021 we are planning to also offer Spanish and French as standard. Additional languages may be added to a client on a per-project basis – estimated translation time is around 2 weeks if translations for menu options and action options are provided by the client (so far Spanish and Portuguese have been implemented for clients).

Yes, ShakeSpeare has an API as well as several standard integrations that can be used. If we do not yet offer it and your software solution permits it we can most probably develop it on your request. Get in touch with us and we will review your technical requirements.

We are glad to support startups or small growing companies with a special pricing model allowing to implement our technology with a discounted price for a period of 1 year. After that you can decide if you need our technology and pay the regular price or decide to not use our software if it is not needed.

The ShakeSpeare software is a cloud solution. We have a partnership with Telekom in Frankfurt and so your data is securely located on a server in Germany.   

The Open Telekom Cloud can also be used immediately by persons subject to professional secreccy according to § 203 of the German Criminal Code (StGB) for the storage and processing of information requiring special protection. For this purpose, Deutsche Telekom provides professional groups such as lawyers, auditors or doctors with a standardized agreement on the protection of secrets in accordance with § 203 StGB.   

Deutsche Telekom’s data centers are among the most modern and secure facilities in the world. Please read:

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