Business Process Management (BPM)

Workflow and BPM Configurator with decision automation and Robotic Process Automation

ShakeSpeare® has its own embedded graphical Workflow configurator that is interconnected with the DMS part of ShakeSpeare Technology and in addition to configuring the process flow in the software (and organization), adding data fields, documents, roles and rights with integrations with other software solutions, also boasts with several hundred RPA plugins.


As a workflow software tool for business process management within the organization, the BPM component of ShakeSpeare enables a no-code reconfiguration of how the software works as well as the creation and deployment of new processes within the software or quick modification to the existing ones without coding knowledge. Large organizations benefit from training their own personnel in process creation and can deploy new versions of the workflows within days, sometimes in hours.

The key advantages of the ShakeSpeare BPM Engine are the following:


  • Integrated with other ShakeSpeare technology components, such as document management, schedulers, task management, document creation and versioning as well as planning tools,
  • A wide portfolio of Automation plugins (RPA), which enable automation of several steps that should have been done by users manually otherwise
  • Several standard integrations which can be used (DATEV UO, MS DYNAMICS NAV, ADVOWARE, etc.) in order to involve and communicate with other software solutions from the workflow in ShakeSpeare – completely automated or with user input and on request.
  • The ability to develop a specialized plugin or integration via the API to further automate the process within an organization.
  • Deployment of a new workflow version throughout the organization at a mouseclick (after testing it of course).
  • Graphical interface for setting up the workflow and adding data points, documents, automation plugins and other.
  • Highly adapted to use cases from Finance & Controlling, Legal, Healthcare, Compliance and quality assurance.
  • Possibility of using linked sub-processes and dependent processes
  • Starting workflows automatically via the mail-in or web-services input to ShakeSpeare
  • Standard RPA plugins such as document creation, use of complex or simple templates, sending e-mails, creating user accounts and document access, sending information to other systems, verifying data, filling in data, escalations and notification. Fairly simple to us but extremely powerful.
  • BPMN 2.0 compliant structure of the workflow engine
  • High integration possibility via the API and integration module

Highly structured business fields and functions such as finance, controlling, legal, compliance, quality management, risk management, banking, insurance, management and product and/or service delivery benefit highly from the BPM technology in terms of process and work automation.


We develop the engine further with new integrations and automation steps as well as technical improvements such as data relation, dependencies, and others.


The goal is the vision and mission of Zejn Group that we build tools to facilitate everyday work and service delivery by building technology that will automate repetitive and boring tasks and allow for employees to focus on value creation tasks instead.


BPM Technology has been on the rise since the end of the first decade of the 21st century and with additional computing power, cloud infrastructure costs and other technical advancements is becoming more and more popular and financially available also to smaller and mid-size companies. A ShakeSpeare BPM project with some important automation steps can already be done for a few thousand € instead of tens or hundreds of thousands as used to be the case before in the BPM technology field.


With our understanding of the use-cases in various industries we specialize in offering a pre-set workflow definition portfolio for various industries:


  • Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Compliance & Quality assurance
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Purchasing
  • HR
  • Manufacturing (related to internal organization)
  • Organization governance, structuring and optimization


In reality every company has some specific needs that may have been financially unfeasible a few years ago. Nowadays the investments are smaller, bring more value and generate more satisfaction with the users in organizations.


Imagine having a technology at the price of an off-the shelf software with the possibility to adapt it to fit perfectly on your processes and needs.


The BPM engine is part of every ShakeSpeare installation and every client has the advantage of adding workflows to their ShakeSpeare Platform, irrelevant if it is S-Invoice or a large legal platform on a massive scale.

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ShakeSpeare® in Cloud is available from 149€ / Month and includes 10GB storage space as well as licenses for 10 users.

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If you want to read more about business process workflows and workflow automation software in general and various use-cases, please click here

As with other technologies there is an abundance of various technical solutions that implement business process management functionality as well as automation capacity. There are also several open-source solutions offered on the market.


The main questions when selecting a BPM Technology to be used should be the following:

  1. Who owns the software, do I control the information I put in, is it divided from other parties and do I have full confidence in what and who is offering the solution?
  2. Is this technology present in our industry field and does the technology have functionalities we may need for our organization?
  3. Does the provider offer technical support and maintenance in local language and time-zone?
  4. Can we manage user rights & roles from our Active Directory or another source, is it possible to set them within the system as per our requirement?
  5. Are we able to hide/secure data and documents from other users if needed for our use-case?
  6. Can the technology be integrated with our existing IT/IS landscape via an API or are integrations possible?
  7. Does it fit our data security and confidentiality requirements?
  8. Can it be installed on premise or in cloud (cybersecurity and maintenance conditions)?
  9. What use-cases are best covered by the technology provider offering the technology?
  10. What are the costs of implementing and installing the technology?
  11. Should I use external consultants or internal expertise to define the use-cases? Do I have the process understanding within my organization.
  12. Do I need consultants to implement and do I know my processes enough to be able to define them
  13. How can I use the automation options of the technology in order to improve the existing company processes and reduce the workload for my employees. Can the solution I am looking at offer me the solution for my use-case?


When selecting an enterprise BPM solution it is often a case in larger organizations that they use several workflow BPM software solutions for various use-cases as some are better than the others for specific uses. In an ideal world a large organization would have only one central BPM solution which would bind and connect all the software solutions within the organization into one integrated whole. That is very rarely the case as there are many legacy systems in organizations which cannot be integrated easily or quite often are barely maintained, as the providers are no longer existing or there is no money to invest into upgrading the technology to the latest level on the market.


Many Document management software solutions will claim they have a workflow engine included and some will state that they have workflows. Most of the time they are talking about very basic standardized or barely adaptable workflows with little or no use for organizations. A really capable BPM solution (like ShakeSpeare®) with offer a very deep and complex toolbox of functionalities that may be overwhelming for a regular user, but these do, in fact, offer the best solution for the client organization. Even though it may seem to complex to learn to many, the basic use-cases can be set-up quite quickly and also advanced automated workflows can be generated within days if there is good collaboration between the BPM experts and client representatives.


The most critical step in using the BPM workflow software is planning the workflow properly. The disadvantage of business process management software is often the fact that after a workflow has been built, finding an error in it might take some time, fixing it as well. It is still a much more competitive option than having a software solution programmed solely for the need of the organization (as well as much cheaper to maintain), but good planning is key.


At our company we often suggest to collaborate with external content experts on more complex projects, as the clients mostly lack the personnel and the capacity to facilitate the planning process, by involving a process expert a person has dedicated time and can be the bridge between our process experts and BPM experts resulting in fast deployment with little or no misconfigurations. For potentially complex projects we usually start with a rapid prototyping workshop, where in a few days of collaboration with the client organizations team and representatives a prototype is built. The client learns about our technology, what kind of questions are asked and how we need to answer them to achieve our goal and we get more insight into the client wishes and the value they need generated in terms to deem the project successful. For several fields we have deep understanding of the processes but quite often we do require external input. Several larger projects were very successful by collaborating with the client and external consultants and have proven to be about 30%-45% more effective than a workgroup consisting only of our colleagues and client representatives.


If you are considering a specialized use-case for your organization, please let us know, there is a very high probability that we have done something similar in the past. Our experts are there to share the understanding and knowledge of process optimization and automation with you and we are happy to consult you before you want to start with a project.


We will also gladly share best practices and referential cases (we are only allowed to discuss cases which are not protected by Non-disclosure agreements and exclusively confirmed by clients that we may use them as reference cases).

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Workflow configurator

In our workflow configurator, a large number of business processes can be modelled. With the BPM editor, processes can be created much faster and at a tenth of the price compared to a software programmer.

Flexible, fast and adaptable

The BPM configurator can create your processes in a short time so that they can go “live” as fast as possible.

Clear user rights and structures

In ShakeSpeare, user roles/authorizations are assigned so that workflows are clearly controlled. This is especially helpful when you need to comply with different industry standards such as ISO.

Better communication and overview

With ShakeSpeare you and your employees keep track of your internal company processes.


The lobby provides you with a personal to-do list, which only shows you the processes still to be processed.

Integrated workflow and BPM configurator with decision automation and automated rules.

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